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Starter Kit
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An extensive starter kit is included at no charge with the purchase of any spECTrum 5000 or 4000 ECT device (kits may vary according to the model ordered). By supplying everything the clinician and biomed need to get started, MECTA ensures a turn-key startup. Manuals and visual aids, test equipment and clinical supplies assure hospital staff that treatments can begin promptly, efficiently and efficaciously. All starter kit items have been designed, tested and approved to comply with their respective regulatory standards. Therefore, these clinical accessories offered by MECTA for use with the spECTrum 5000 and 4000 series ECT devices are recommended. Purchase additional clinical accessories from MECTA for competitive pricing, quantity packaging, flexible delivery options and guaranteed quality for all starter kit consumable supplies.
Patient Stimulus Cable Chart Recorder Paper
Patient Safety Monitor Cable Bite Block
EEG and/or ECG Safety Leads Power Cord
Adjustable Headband Electrode Gel
Flat Stimulus Electrodes Electrode Paste
Concave Stimulus Electrodes ECG Disposable Electrode Pads
Fuse (2 or 4 Amp) EEG Disposable Electrode Pads
Sensor Box Dynamic Load Box
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