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Optional Device Features

MECTA spECTrum 5000 models are the only ECT devices that can be customized with evidence-based features that optimize the clinician’s ability to treat and monitor the patient. All model 5000 and 4000 devices include the spECTrum ULTRABRIEF© ECT (UB RUL) option, which dramatically minimizes cognitive side effects while maximizing efficacy. Consider any of the five product or three software options when ordering your spECTrum 5000 model to create an ECT device that best meets your clinical needs. 4000 spECTrum models do not include physiological monitoring. We recommend Hand-Held Electrodes for versatility in performing bilateral or unilateral patient treatments.

Hand-Held Electrodes
Additional Monitoring Channels
Optical Motion Sensor
EEG Data Analysis
Remote Monitor Software©
Sturdy Hospital Cart
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