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spECTrum 5000M
The popular spECTrum 5000M offers dosing simplicity with one single Stimulus Intensity knob. This varies Frequency and Duration simultaneously, to control Energy and Charge. For those used to a single stimulus knob, the 5000M model is the best option in dosing flexibility, while retaining parameters that maximize efficacy and reduce side effects for the patient. The spECTrum ULTRABRIEF© (0.3 ms) pulse width settings and titration tables are included with all MECTA devices.
The base unit includes a choice of two channels of EEG or/and one EEG/ECG arrangement. Add up to four more channels of monitoring for four channels of EEG, one ECG and one Optical Motion Sensor (OMS). EEG Data Analysis, Remote Monitor Software©, MECTA RMS MANAGER© and MECTA EMR© software options may be added for a fully featured device.
Individualize patient treatments for safety and effectiveness with the 5000ís nine menu options: Main, Patient Data, Date & Time, LCD Traces, LCD Gains, Chart Traces, Chart Options, EEG Data and the Parameter Selection menus. One menu display is available in the 4000 models. The LCD touch screen provides the user with an easy interface to set menu options.
The new 5000 models have been enhanced with lighter-weight RoHS (lead-free) cases that provide enhanced durability (3 lbs. lighter). The new robust handle ensures easy repositioning. Touch screen advanced technology offers increased sensitivity and clarity.
MECTA devices also include extensive redundant hardware and software testing to verify that they are operating correctly. The safety of these devices is unparalleled, and as such these devices are an advance that dramatically impact the safety and effectiveness of the ECT treatments.
Best option: For hospitals, clinicians and researchers who desire optimal functionality and features with the most ease of use
One treatment knob for simplicity in 1% steps. Vary Frequency and Duration simultaneously, to control Energy and Charge
When up to six channels of real-time physiological monitoring and EEG Data Analysis are needed to provide the clinician with additional patient information
When enhanced data capture is required either through physiological monitoring or recording treatment and/or medical information
Efficacious: spECTrum ULTRABRIEF© (0.3 ms) option with up to sixteen therapeutic treatment parameters
Intuitive: Nine visual, easy to use menus accessed by the LCD touch screen to individualize patient treatments. No hard to find menus
Portable: New enhanced, lighter-weight RoHS (lead-free) case for a smaller footprint and more robust handle
Safe: Extensive regulatory agency approvals worldwide U.S. (UL); Canada (CSA, Health Canada 8 Approvals, #1537, #62578, #62576); European Union, TUV (EN ISO 13485:2012, EN ISO 13485:2012/AC:2012; CMDCAS ISO 13485:2003; EC 93/42/EEC Annex II, excluding Section 4); Korea (KFDA); China (SFDA); Indonesia (MOH); Australia (TGA); New Zealand (WAND); Brazil (Inmetro); Mexico (Registro Sanitario); Colombia (INVIMA); Costa Rica (Registro Sanitario)
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