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Request for Service Quotation
Upgrades, routine quality assurance checks and spECTrum rental units are available from MECTA. For a custom quotation or service request, fill out the information below and one will be e-mailed to you shortly.
International customers, your request will be forwarded to a distributor representative or to MECTA if there is no distributor in your area.
Please provide access to:
Clinical Symptoms and Solutions
Technical Symptoms and Solutions
Functional Verification Safety Tests (Must provide spECTrum model/serial number)

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Quality Control Check
Rental Unit
Hand-Held Electrodes Repair
Technical Support
Please provide specific details about the problem, including any error codes.
If you have a software related request, please include your operating system, computer type, capacity and any error messages that appeared.
Choose Upgrade Feature Selections:
 OPTIMIZED and FULL spECTrum DOSING Parameter Sets
 Additional EEG Monitoring Channel (must currently have EEG/ECG installed)
 Three additional EEG Monitoring Channels (must currently have EEG/ECG installed)
 Optical Motion Sensor with OMS cable and sensor
 EEG Data Analysis feature (requires two EEG channels)
 EMR© - Electronic Medical Record software
 RMS - Remote Monitor Software© for Remote Display and Data Logging
 RMS MANAGER© ECT Database Software program
         Must also choose RMS above.
 PC Computer System for RMS and RMS MANAGER© Software Programs (Pre-loaded)
 Set of Laminated OPTIMIZED Titration and Pre-Selected Dosing Tables
 Sturdy Hospital-Grade Rolling Cart with Three Shelves
Replacement Hand-Held Electrodes:  
 Dual Hand-Held Electrodes with Remote Button   Qty:
 Single Hand-Held Electrode with Remote Button  Qty:
 Dual Hand-Held Electrodes without Remote Button  Qty:
 Single Hand-Held Electrode without Remote Button  Qty:
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