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Remote Monitor Software data sheet DOM
Remote Monitor Software data sheet INT
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Remote Monitor Software ©
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The Remote Monitor Software© (RMS) option allows the user to set up a remote monitoring display and data storage system for a spECTrum 5000 model, using a PC and monitor. This also facilitates using a remote overhead display, particularly useful when using hand-held stimulus electrodes. The monitor will display and log the physiological monitoring seen on the spECTrum's LCD screen. For six channel spECTrum systems, all traces will be displayed simultaneously and in real-time. RMS is a useful data capture tool for physicians, anesthesiologists and researchers.
Combined with MECTA RMS MANAGER© database software, realize the superior benefits of a fully-featured ECT data capture and analysis system
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Features: View up to eight traces of real-time monitoring on a PC monitor: 4 EEG, 1 ECG, 1 OMS and 2 duplicate EEG traces.
Treatment parameters, patient data and the spECTrum impedance display also appear on the PC monitor to ensure patient safety.
Physiological monitoring and treatment data may be stored for later analysis, dosing management or treatment assessment.
Add MECTA RMS MANAGER© for automated importation of RMS data files into an extremely versatile and easy-to-use ECT database.
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