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MECTA Product and Company Overview
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MECTA spECTrum ECT Devices
The Newest Standard of Care Available Only From MECTA
The spECTrum 5000 and 4000 models are the fourth generation of MECTA’s ECT devices. They continue to be the most advanced ECT devices technically, while continuing to offer even more safety and effectiveness clinically.
The 5000Q® and 5000M model devices offer up to five channels of ECG and EEG monitoring, and one Optical Motion Sensor. The 4000Q and 4000M devices are simply the 5000 devices without physiological monitoring capability.

The 5000Q® and 4000Q offer the user flexibility with four stimulus parameter knobs to control Energy and Charge. The 5000M and 4000M units offer simplicity, with one single Stimulus Intensity knob. This varies Frequency and Duration simultaneously, to control Energy and Charge.

Each spECTrum device is custom manufactured to user specifications according to the Options selected and includes a complete Starter Kit.
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The MECTA EMR© with is elegant simplicity of use is an extraordinarily powerful software program allowing extensive organization and analysis of your ECT treatment data. This provides the Premier ECT platform for hospital EHRs, allowing data to be shared in a consistent format! This NEW MECTA software program REPLACES RMS and RMS MANAGER and ALLOWS YOU to comply with government and hospital mandates requiring digitization of patient medical records. The improvement of patient safety, privacy, cost, and time efficiencies are ensured with MECTA's newest software program.

Seamlessly record and store data on a laptop/desktop, hospital server, and the Electronic Health Record as pdfs. Utilize the Four automatically generated reports with One ECT Session Note Report with templates that allow you to save up to 1000 characters! Additionally input the Five manually generated reports with their drop down, pop up menus and autofill features. Finally, merge, import, export, query, backup, restore and print up to 700 data points in clinicians' offices for review. The spECTrum alphanumeric data (up to 52 data points), physiological monitoring (up to 6 traces) are automatically imported into the program and can be exported into Excel or text files for further analysis. This Sequel Server™-based, networkable MECTA EMR© will ensure best practices and revolutionize the data acquisition of your ECT treatments!

Optimized ECT is the newest form of ECT, which was introduced in 2011 and offered spECTrum users Four New Parameter sets! The first three Optimized Dosing menu options offer 0.3, 0.5, 1.0 ms dosing in the most optimized pulse widths, as the inefficiency of wider pulses has been firmly established.32, 54

In the FULL SPECTRUM DOSING Parameter Set, the spECTrum 5000Q and 4000Q are the only devices with flexibility and choice of current from 500 mA to 900 mA, as there is speculation that titration in the current domain* may refine stimulus properties.32, 47

On all MECTA spECTrum models and in all OPTIMIZED and FULL SPECTRUM DOSING Parameter Sets, the range of train duration is now less than 0.5 and up to 8 seconds. At longer pulse widths (0.5 ms and 1.0 ms), maximum device output is achieved at lower pulse frequencies. Finally, Current is fixed at 800 mA in the OPTIMIZED DOSING Parameter Sets reflecting the vast body of clinical research on 800 mA.


MECTA introduced the first titration tables in 1983 and now has introduced the third generation titration tables for Optimized ECT©. They offer both Titration and Pre-Selected Dosing Tables. These are the most accurate and up to date tables taking into account gender, age and electrode placement.48 The parameters are evidence based and offer greater efficiencies and wider treatment ranges.

spECTrum ULTRABRIEF © 2003 ECT (0.3 ms)

In the new OPTIMIZED DOSING Parameter Sets, the 0.3 ms pulse width is used with a fixed current at 800 mA and in the FULL SPECTRUM DOSING Parameter Set, the 0.3 ms pulse width can be utilized with a range of current from 500 mA to 900 mA. Optimized Ultrabrief ECT (0.3 ms) is available as an upgrade to your current Ultrabrief ECT (0.3 ms) parameter set.

No other ECT manufacturer provides a proven evidence based methodology as simple and effective to use as the spECTrum ULTRABRIEF© (0.3 ms) ECT feature. This feature was designed and tested at Columbia University in the late 1990s, results were reported46,49 and it was introduced as a feature into MECTA spECTrum ECT devices in July of 2003.

Right unilateral (0.3 ms) ultrabrief six times seizure threshold ECT is equivalent in efficacy to a robust form of bilateral ECT with little sign of cognitive deficit and is simplified by the use of the MECTA spECTrum titration tables. Stimulus dose titration tables are included with each purchase.

No other ECT device implementation of an ultrabrief feature is based on peer reviewed, randomized, double-blind studies. Only spECTrum ULTRABRIEF (0.3 ms) ECT is highly efficient at the lower range, with patients demonstrating seizure thresholds at 5 mC, and can treat the patient across the entire range.

Only MECTA offers hospitals a state of the art ECT device and ultrabrief option that provides the highest benefit by reducing side effects for patients.

*Patent Pending

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