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MECTA EMR data sheet DOM
MECTA EMR data sheet INT
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The MECTA EMR© with its elegant simplicity of use is an extraordinarily powerful software program allowing extensive organization and analysis of your ECT treatment data. It is a Sequel Server™ based, networkable electronic health record. The spECTrum alphanumeric data, physiological monitoring and up to 700 data points entered by psychiatrists, anesthetists and nurses complete One ECT Session Note Report and/or Five Manual Reports. Four automatically generated Reports provide data for review. All can be saved as pdfs on your pc, laptop, hospital server and hospital Electronic Health Record. Digitization, patient safety, cost and time efficiencies, patient privacy and safety are ensured with MECTA's newest software program.
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Features: Prepare for paperless medicine as government mandates require digitization of patient medical records!
All physiological monitoring and alphanumerics from the treatment import automatically and can be printed and exported to text or Excel files for further analysis.
Ensure time and cost efficiencies with easy data entry that includes new drop down menus, pop up menus and autofill features.
Reports include: MANUAL REPORTS: ECT Evaluation, Pre-Course Anesthesia Evaluation, Pre-ECT Nursing Report, ECT Anesthesia Report, Post-ECT Nursing Report and AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED REPORTS: ECT Session Report, ECT Session Note Report, ECT Stimulus and Monitoring Report, and History of ECT Treatments.
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