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MECTA Product and Company Overview

MECTA Corporation does not provide medical advice, nor do we sell our products to anyone but licensed clinicians and hospitals. Please contact your local mental health provider, Veteran’s hospital, or University hospital for information about electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Contact 911 in case of a mental health emergency. MECTA does not sell to nor provide service to third parties.

Redefining Electroconvulsive Therapy

MECTA ECT devices bring patients back. Back from debilitating illness, back to their family and friends, back to the life they were meant to live.

MECTA Corporation has always defined the highest standard of excellence in the field of ECT neuromodulation devices through evidence-based research.

Controlled research from Duke University and Columbia University was integrated into the current MECTA spECTrum 5000®* and 4000* devices, the first and only EEG Data Analysis** feature,39 and the spECTrum ULTRABRIEF©2003 ECT.51 which dramatically minimizes cognitive effects. Optimized ECT© was based on research from Columbia University, ensuring robust efficacy and lower amnestic effects.25,54 MECTA also offers Optimized Titration Tables based on age, sex and gender.13 Titration was introduced and validated at Columbia University, using MECTA devices.

ECT continues to be the only neuromodulation modality providing up to an 80% response rate.42 We are proud that MECTA's innovative device designs have been utilized worldwide in peer reviewed, randomized, double-blind studies.

MECTA — on the cutting edge of ECT technology and patient safety.

Design All MECTA devices include extensive redundant hardware and software testing to verify that they are operating correctly. The safety of these devices is unparalleled, and as such these devices are an advance that will impact the safety and effectiveness of the ECT treatment.
* U.S. Patent #5,755,744 - U.S. Patent #6,014,587 - U.K. Patent #GB 2 307 413 B
** Duke U.K. Patent #2 304 196 B - U.S. Patent #5,626,627
Quality and Safety Standards MECTA's manufacturing and service operations are regulated under the international ISO 9001 Quality Standard so that MECTA customers can be assured of product safety and quality. MECTA has extensive regulatory agency approvals worldwide: U.S. (UL); Canada (CSA (cUL), Health Canada-8 Approvals, #1537, #62578, #62576); European Union, TUV (EN ISO 13485:2012, EN ISO 13485:2012/AC:2012; CMDCAS ISO 13485:2003; EC 93/42/EEC Annex II, excluding Section 4); EN ISO 9001:2008; Korea (KFDA); China (SFDA); Indonesia (MOH); Australia (TGA); New Zealand (WAND); Brazil (Inmetro); Mexico (Registro Sanitario); Colombia (INVIMA); Costa Rica (Registro Sanitario)
technical diagnostics Environment MECTA has always recognized the need to be responsible stewards of the environment. Reduction of manufacturing waste and emissions, responsible operations resources management, and no-charge device recycling, are all integral parts of MECTA's environmental policy. We are voluntarily committed to achieving 100% RoHS (lead-free) compliance.
Quality Policy It is the policy of MECTA to design, fabricate, market, distribute, and service its ECT equipment with consistently high quality so that MECTA will continue in its position of leadership in the industry. All of our products will meet all applicable laws and regulations. MECTA's emphasis on quality involves all personnel. Our goal is satisfied customers. MECTA continually improves its Quality Management System to meet these objectives.
*** U.S. Patent # 8,712,532
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