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Technical Videos/DVDs
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spECTrum Technical Tape/DVD
MECTA Corporation - 53 minutes
Part Number: 9904-0025 (VHS)
9904-0035 (DVD)
9904-0027 (PAL)
Quantity: 1 each
  DOM and INT
  MECTA spECTrum Technical videotape/DVD is an excellent educational presentation that is useful in training the ECT team, and in teaching residency training programs. This item is included with purchase of a spECTrum unit and is also available separately. VHS, PAL, or DVD (53 minutes).
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Remote Monitor Option
MECTA Corporation - 11 minutes
Part Number: 9904-0026 (VHS)
9904-0036 (DVD)
9904-0028 (PAL)
Quantity: 1 each
  DOM and INT
  This instructional presentation shows how to use the Remote Monitor Option to view, analyze and save the spECTrum physiological monitoring trace files on a personal computer. VHS, PAL, or DVD (11 minutes).
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