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Clinical Accessories
The following clinical accessories offered by MECTA have been designed, tested and approved for use with the spECTrum 5000 and 4000 series ECT devices since 1998.
As your one source purchase option, MECTA conveniently offers all of the accessories for your ECT service cost-effectively and expeditiously. By purchasing your accessories through MECTA or one of its international distributors, you can be assured of the best performance, value, quality and availability.

Access the product category links to select and order your clinical accessories.
MECTA clinical accessories sales are limited to spECTrum users, hospitals, clinicians, biomedical engineers and hospital purchasing agents. There is a minimum order of $50.00 USD. U.S. and Canadian (DOM) orders will be shipped directly from MECTA. All other countries’ (INT) requests for supplies will be promptly forwarded to a distributor representative or to MECTA if there is no representative in your country.

We look forward to serving you.
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