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Additional Monitoring Channels
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Each 5000 model spECTrum purchase includes the choice of two monitoring channels: EEG 1 and EEG 2, or EEG 1 and an ECG channel (electrocardiogram). However, for clinicians who wish redundancy or have specific research requirements, up to four additional monitoring channels may be added to an EEG/ECG base model. Three channels of EEG and one Optical Motion Sensor for monitoring motor activity complete the six channels of monitoring available on the spECTrum 5000 series, providing maximum monitoring capabilities for all ECT treatment requirements. An EEG/EEG/ECG option with or without Optical Motion Sensor is also available.
For those who wish to view or database the real-time trace data, add Remote Monitor Software© and MECTA RMS MANAGER©, or MECTA EMR©.
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Features: Real time, simultaneous monitoring of up to eight channels: 4 EEG, 1 ECG and 1 Optical Motion Sensor and duplicate EEG traces.
Four user-selected channels of real-time monitoring on the LCD/Touch Screen.
Two user-selected channels on the Chart Recorder.
Enhanced waveform quality by digital signal processing (DSP), which filters unwanted interference for reduced artifact.
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